Do Black Women Act Like THIS?

Videos, news specials, articles, movies AND now… Super Bowl commercials are sticking it to the already bleeding reputation of the Black female. I wonder how such obvious stereotypes about us are constantly made and well received by mass audiences. Why are we such a target? One has to wonder how many white men we come into contact on the every day basis who see Black women as nothing more than man abusers and people lacking manners. Must a Black woman always be emasculating her man or husband?

This says so much about what society thinks of Black people. First off, it says that a Black man is not a “real man,” because he is always being cut down by a Black woman and feminized. Secondly, it says that Black women are the reason for male emasculation. Avoiding Black women is the only way to maintain masculinity. Is this true? Does strength equate to the constant emasculation of our men? Finally, this commercial suggests that all white women are friendly and fit, and that Black women are jealous and threatened by (white) women, and… that Black people as a whole are prone to violence and criminality (we have a lack of responsibility, and a lack of care for mankind… does anyone else see all of this?). Come on… there are too many white women clutching their purses for dear life and crossing the streets for fear of the “black brute” robbing or raping her for white women to constantly be fronted as the Black man’s best friend. And again, we must feel a bit of sorrow for the ever-present  helpless white woman (<– This link right HERE… click that). How about a slavery throwback of a pack of white men lusting after a sexy, natural haired Black woman? This indeed has more truth in it historically than this Black man lust rumor. And THAT would make a great ad.

Do I sound like I am stereotyping white women? Probably. I guess I’m just an angry Black woman.

But I get stereotyped more so than she does, and everyone actually believes that I fit my stereotypes, so I do not care.  And I don’t drink Pepsi.

(Word to my Twitter buddy NerdStickers for pointing this ad out to me. Check out his site.)


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