My mama told me not to lie, but I did it still
Beat my ass so much for it, numbed the nerves to feel
Never knew why she did it, everybody lies
People lie to my face about things I see with my own two eyes
But I let it go, grew up, pursuing my own dreams
Can’t listen to my mom, she don’t know a thing
Told me I’d amount to nothing, I don’t listen enough
She walks about acting like her child life was rough
Try being unwanted by both of your parents
You wonder why we don’t talk? I think its pretty apparent
Don’t leave your child with her grandmother, who mentally ill
Talks to God like he’s a person, people let’s be real
What’d you think what I would come to be, a model child?
With all the violence and the apathy, I’d become mild?
Silly mom, shit is for toilet bowls, stop talking crap
Don’t tell me after I was born dad wasn’t ‘bout to snap
He wanted a boy. Not a girl, not a child at all
Trapped him, maybe? So he’d stay? Naw, bitch, bad call.
First chance for escape, you fought in Desert Storm
Left me behind, took your chance to reform
For-get your child, who can’t sleep at night
With cold sheets, no mom, no one holding her tight
Send her off to her dad, whose a child besides
Leaves for hours, she’s alone, and she’s only five
How could you let your daughter live this kind of life?


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