A Reponse From a Brotha: Black Men DO Love Black Women… and Why

This post is in response to “All Men Love White Women, Black Women Cannot Date White Men, All Men Hate Black Women… and Why“.

I really loved your post. I am glad to have a friend as bright and intelligent as you and loves her race no matter what.

I am Jamaican/Antiguan/Asian/British(white) but I am recognized as a black male. I love my race and I would never trade it for anything in the world to be recognized as a Black “brother”.

I am a man…and I love ALL women especially black women. My mother is a successful black woman who is the division manager at the world bank, My grandmother who resided in Jamaica with my grandfather, always taught her kids to allow their kids to dream big….and that’s why I am staying true to my goals in life (because I was told to).

I am fortunate to have a father that has been married to my mother for 23 years and hasn’t run out on our family for no other circumstances. Even though he was previously married he knew that it wasn’t his time to settle down with his previous wife (back when he was 25).

Your entry opened my mind up gradually and I saw that you said that Black women are only used “for sex” and white women are the “wifey ones”. If that is what you believe I understand but as an African American Male I disagree. I personally find my female race counterparts very devoted and committed and honest in a relationship. Whenever I go online to update my facebook status I tend to see statuses (from usually black girls I am “facebook friends” with) saying “I am in love with him! <3” or even “I am always thinking about him..” and sometimes “Why does he do this to me, am I too deep in love?” Just for fun, I once went to one “facebook friends” profile and clicked on her boyfriend she claimed to be in a relationship with (at that time) and I saw a BLACK Dude, but he was wearing a du Rag matching his big white shirt, with baggy jeans, and a grill in his mouth and stunna shades…..I was kinda laughing inside because I know that someone like her can do way better than that. If that’s what most woman want in a man, I cannot hate but that’s probably the problem there…most black dudes are acting like “boys” when they should be acting like “men” and treating there beautiful black girls with love, money and respect. Maybe some (black) men are too scared to have a bold strong black women by their side as a mate because they want full control. I am proud of my counterparts because you guys stand up for whatever is on your mind and you are always ready to keep us in check whenever our male egos get the best of us. Despite the fact that I am eclectic when it comes to choosing a girlfriend, just to put it out there my “sistas” are number 1 on the list.

Bottom line, maybe it’s just the brothas who have been encountered more. There are good successful black dudes out there who aren’t afraid of having an “even out” relationship with his fellow black “sista”. We do exist, just gotta find us a give us a chance. Instead of looking at us as the dudes vibing out with big shirts and oversize jeans in rap videos on BET, maybe tune the channel to us serenading a beautiful black girl in a r&b video on VH1 Soul or even tune to CNN and watch our President speak!

As the Undercover Brother said “Behind every strong black man is a strong black woman”…That is very true! We will give you love as long as you return the favor!

Chris Summers is a sophomore at Ohio University studying Audio Production/Music. He is a DJ and the mastermind of a local music label called 1Side. Check him and his music out at these websites:

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