“Long Hair, Don’t Care”

Uh, I like a long hair thick red-bone…

Go to fullsize image Nice hair! Not hers.

I like ’em caramel skin long hair thick ass…

Go to fullsize imageNice and full… but not hers.

And I dont know how fake feels, so I gotta keep it real…

View Image HA! NEVER!

I always wonder what goes through men’s minds when they are watching TV (right now, I’m thinking, the video to “Every Girl,” by Trash-Ass-Lil’ Mistake-Wayne) and looking at these beautiful Black women we have been “blessed” with the media projecting them, period. Considering the fact that Black women are being shown as attractive, stylish, and wanted, I am trying to give producers and execs very limited credit. Very limited (yay, we’re not mammies!). The black women still have some issues that bother me… the airbrushing that makes many celebs look white, the cookie-cutter body shape that thickens the booty to compliment our distinct difference from white girls (but all us Black women on TV seem to still fit)… But I want to focus on what so many men desire of their Black beauties that we (as the Black beauties) tend to disappoint at time and time again…


Black women are blessed with a lot of things. Firstly, we differ from other races in the fact that MOST of us are not built like a little boy. We have nice, round butts and a bust that compliments it. We have juicy, full lips and a tan that the rest cannot duplicate. But when it comes to growing hair from our heads down to “there,” a lot of Black women find it to be a hard task. We offset this with wigs, glue, sewing needles and thread, tracks, hooks and whatever else is being created so that we can feel like a complete woman. My chosen poison is the lesser of them all: braids and twists.

All of this crap is KILLING OUR HAIR. We can grow long hair! It is not something Black women can’t do, but we choose to care more for our Yaki and Kanekalon dos than our neglected, determined growth! We are making whites and Asians RICH buy shoving our last dollars over for packs of SOMEONE ELSES’ HAIR in a BAG! No matter what we do, many of us seem to be ashamed of our REAL hair, that we do not feel beautiful without it!

Media does not make it easy for us to choose to go natural. When was the last time you saw a fly sista in a music video, commercial, or TV show with locs, a fro, or some natural braids/twists? Or even, with a nice shoulder-length head of real hair? With the exception of modeling shows, where the Black women are COMPLETELY bald, we never seem to get a break. (And let’s not get me started on those models…)

Our men have not made this reality any less painful. Black men want Beyonce, they want Ciera and Trina and video girls… but then they turn around and tell their ladies that they want a “real” woman. They don’t like weave; it’s disgusting. It’s fake/false/unappealing. Even really nicely done weaves get hated on. I agree that SOME weaves are treacherous. I cannot stand seeing a woman under 65 wearing a full wig. (I though wigs were for totally bald people!) And when I see visable tracks all around a girl’s head… it makes me tear. But, like TLC said, “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow.” And you definitely will buy it to feel sexy and wanted like Beyonce.

This has become a problem in our community which is delving into the wider community. Now everyone thinks Black women are incapable of growing beautiful hair. And by beautiful, it has to be long. TLC should have said, “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow quickly.” Or “…if it does not stay in the style you have dreamed of because your hair is too curly.” I personally hate how my hairstyles die with a hit a humidity/moisture in the air. Even still, Black hair does grow, but not how Beyonce’s, Ciera’s and Trina’s hair look in those pictures. None of that is theirs. Especially not Trina’s (she probably has more naural hair on her knees from all that… you know).

For the women out there who have that long, non-black type, blowy hair (with the RELAXER, stop lying! RE-LAX-ER!), the lyric should be “you can buy your hair if it won’t grow like a white woman’s, and I want to keep my hair natural and cover it with some weave every one in a while.” I say this because I know the “Long Hair, Don’t Care” chicks. They throw their hair around more than ditsy blondes. Let it be known, no one is congratulating you on selling out your natural hair type so you too could look like a white girl. Some women don’t mind having curly hair when the time calls for it. We all know the long haired, relaxer girls have issues, too. Most of you can’t keep a crimp anymore…sad. But I digress…

 I have heard Black men who have wrote off Black women as the fakest, self-hating race of women on Earth.

To this I say: “N*gga, please.”

For CENTURIES white women have admired the beauty of the Black woman.

From   to . They love my junk in my trunk.

The “bustle” has always been my favorite attempt of the flat-assed to have my “donk.” And this was the ‘ish in the 17-1800s, when slaves were all the rad. It has not gone away… I’ve seen ads for slip-on bootycheeks. WTF.

Then there’s all the obvious strides to dupicate my hide: Tanning (and getting skin cancer), lip/breast/butt implantation surgery, perms (to THICKEN their bone-straight hair, get this) and it goes on. It’s ridiculous how white women are supposely the EPITOME of beauty, yet all they want is to be Black, and all we want is to be white! But for their “realness,” some Black men think that they are better than the real thing. I know (and lack respect) for many Black men who date outside of their race, and many say that the HAIR of white, Latina, and Asian women is the way they want their woman’s hair to be. And it has to be from the root. I totally don’t get this. Can I not have MY type of hair seen as beautiful?

Ladies: Why can we not just accept ourselves as women who have perfectly wonderful hair, bodies, and skin tones and stop getting hated on by (at least!) our Black brothas and OURSELVES for not being who we really are?

To ALL: Will we ever go back to a time where Black women could look foxy with a fro and good-looking with locs? Will we ever look in the mirror and at TV and see US for who we REALLY ARE?!?!

Let me know.


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