Victim of Seduction: White Devil

I felt the devil’s breath on my cheek and it melted my chocolate brown skin

His lips were as red as blood and on them he wore a wicked grin

He was coated in vanilla and adorn with locks like God’s first child

His eyes as green as grass, combined together, drove me wild…

So long I looked upon him from afar, I sat in silence

The notion that he was docile was quickly overturned by violence

His head held several faces that were stolen, practiced, and learned

I pledged to find his true identity but he was unconcerned…

I knew it was wrong to feel this way about a snake as he

I knew his kind, but hoped to find a love akin to me

But as I dreaded, his sin embedded my soul and did me harm

So lethal the poison he fed to me, and so I sought it unalarmed…

I sensed a stroke inside my soul that blinded me from reality

Broke my hope for change and scarred my aim for love’s diversity

My spark lit his inferno and the heat gave me a first degree

I had burning desires but his apathy made it worse for me…

He looked me in the eyes and told me what I always feared he’d speak

I let myself get comfortable with falseness, tears rolled down my cheeks

Close enough to stab me deep, he did, too bold to pull a trigger

Slowly slumping on myself, he said he’d never love a nigger.


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