Silly Sista

On the road to recovery, that’s what she told me.

Huge tears in her eyes, she screamed, “Hold me, hold me!”

My silly sister, always in a mess she can’t handle alone

That’s why, every other day I try to pick up the phone

And make sure she’s still breathin’, they see her around

Those gansters and johns, you know? One’s you see around town

She tells me she needs money, but they say they keep her paid

God knows how many of them she’s hooked up with and laid

But she laughs up on the telly like she’s the queen on the board

She don’t realize, in their eyes, she’s just some dumb whore

But she won’t leave them alone, my opinion is nil

She smirks, because she knows that they’re paying her bills

And I’m tired of supervising her, she’s pretty much grown

It’s hard for a Black woman to make it on her own!

Until that day I saw her with the black eye, crying

Trying to turn her life around, she’s slowly dying

Men that wouldn’t have it shoved her ‘round a bit

And now I’m feelin’ hurt, these the boys we grew up with

Sweet boys when they were younger, now rotten to the core

Silly sista, put your head up, you know you deserve more


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