I’d be lying if I said that this bitch at school ain’t got me
Though I’m always gonna play the role, my game is sloppy
All these years of facing fears of the long-term type
In my relationship, and loving the same love all night
Imma have to tell my girl that the role that she know
Of me as faithful, to be able just to change, and to grow
From the nigga that I was who didn’t care for a bitch
To a gentleman that cannot stand to cheat on a chick
It’s a façade and I can’t hide the way I’m feelin’ no longer
Cuz’ all the years layin’ game dormant but the feelings grown stronger
When I look at ya the feelin’ saying “Couldn’t be longer
Imma playa ‘til I die,” and still you think I can change
But to completely do it, I’d have to arrange my brain
In different ways ‘til I can say, “I really wanna hold on to
My boo, the love is true,” but I do what it do
I gotta think with my brain, and my brain is sayin’
“You could be doin’ all you want and she won’t know who you layin’”
What the fuck, you know what brain I’m thinkin’ with right now
In this long distance relationship is more so than wild
I’m like a child, I wanna hold somebody in my hands
Real right, all night, remember I AM A MAN.
And I know this is too much for you, you hardly can stand
To think about the things you think I do behind your back
What you give to me is so much more, and others do lack
The great intelligence and ambience that is your whole
And I KNOW that while I’m gone them niggas eating your soul
Tellin’ you that I’m doing all the things that I did do
And knowing that that shit is true, I can’t even trust you
So what’s the motherfuckin’ point of us still bein’ together
‘Cuz even when I’m home for good, we told these lies to each other
Neither of us can admit the shit and try to leave it in the past
Build upon the skeletons we hid and try to make it last
It takes class to do that, and we almost veiled the hurt and shame
‘Til the day I’m back for break, while lovin’ you I called her name…


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