Plot to Kill Teacher Sounds Funny

WAYCROSS, GA (WTOC) – Nine very young students in Waycross have been suspended after police think they plotted to kill their teacher. Now, the NAACP of Georgia is calling for an independent investigation.

I would usually say that the NAACP is once again, sticking their nose in someone else’s business, but I think an investigation is not going to hurt anyone. If the teacher was Black, they would not have been involved, but when it is a white woman, it is possible that a part of the story was left out, for example, she said something to promote those thoughts. Who knows if she spoke negatively of these children? Think about all of the abuse we have heard from the nursing homes across America. We have seen hundreds of elderly people being mistreated and dead due to horrific treatment. Is it possible that we a taking advantage of the ability for these children to take action and protect themselves??


The NAACP said because the Center Elementary School students are only between eight and 10-years-old, all with learning disabilities and because the Ware County School Board suspended them very quickly, they want to take a closer look at what happened.

On Tuesday, they called for an independent investigation into the actions of the students and the teacher. Police said the students planned to stab their teacher, Belle Carter, after she put one girl in a time out and punished another. Three third graders face felony charges for bringing a crystal block (reportedly to hit the teacher), handcuffs and a steak knife to school. They’re among seven students who were suspended through the end of the school year. The school board suspended two others through the rest of the month.

“This is not a racial issue,” explained Edward Dubose, the president of the NAACP in Georgia. “This is an issue where we believe that the school needs to be investigated for how those students were treated.”

“I cried at home and I cried when we went to discuss it at the school,” said Stephanie Lockey-Garner, whose 9-year-old daughter was suspended. She said the girl was threatened to take part in the attack.

“She was supposed to have gotten the rope, which turned out to be a ribbon, to tie up the teacher’s feet,” she said.

Police don’t believe all nine kids knew the entire plot.


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