Black Media Class at an 90% White College is Hell

Never have I felt so offended in my life. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, a pretty Black city, but also very diverse. I had friends that were Black, White (Irish, Jewish, and Polish mostly), Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese), and Indian (from India). All were very intellegent, and all seemed to be very accepting of each other’s cultures. But since I have left Philadelphia, I have been surrounded by smiling white faces and tons of hypocrisy. I hate to say this: I am very tired of the “fronting.” I am sick of the smiling faces that think of me as unintellegent, humorous entertainment, and, very directly (and painfully I say this) a nigger. A nigger. Yes, I smile and laugh, and I am very funny, but I am not a Bojangles, a Beluah, or a lovable, contemporary Token (from South Park). I am a smart, determined Black female who happens to be human, as well.

Black Media at OU has exposed me (rather unwillingly) to white men and women who have the occasional slip of the toungue (calling Black people “colored”), find racist media funny (white people portraying Black stereotypes/ Black people in stereotypical roles) and in general, find white people as “victims” of Black people blaming them personally for white discrimination against Black people. It take a lot to turn that around, ladies and gentleman. To say, “Hey, I didn’t make you look like a nigger on TV, so why is it we always blame these stereotypes on my race? The race I am affiliated with? Now I feel guilty.”

Well, white people, everyone blames you. Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, and the rest all blame you for their negative or non-existant depictions in the media, and everywhere elses. Majority rules that you did tarnish our humanity, land, and achievements with lies, power, greed, sickness, hatred (need I go on?). I feel that the blamed is properly placed, but the punishment is not. It’s by time you changed, white people, and gave up some of that great power you hold so dear.  I am an angry, Black female, and I want you to know it. I am coming for that booty.

This is my poem dedicated to you.

White People

Do not try and hide your ignorance, my friend

Let it flow from the toxic fumes deep inside your heart and mind

So engrained from years of privilege and discrimination education

I say, I’d rather you say it and be what you seem

Then hide it and smile in my face, as if I should believe

That you are a dignified, courteous specimen

You are racist and cold like the rest of them

You sicken me when you paint your face with compassion and care

When I tell you of my hard life, you could never compare it to that of your own

You say we’re two of a kind, you say that we’re clones trapped in the same situation

It’s society’s fault that we are not equal, but be patient.


Tell my struggling mother to BE PATIENT.

No heat in our home so we can eat, but BE PATIENT.

Works two jobs and still is labeled “working poor.”

So we sit here enduring, but what are we waiting for?

Are you ever going to give me a bigger piece of the pie?

Minify your great life so I can merely survive?

Nah, because your people just wanna thrive, with the money and power

On your mind at any hour

Damn, that would be a dive, a change

I’m just another sad song that you fast-forward through

You hear every other word and just thank God it ain’t you

You seriously disturb me, we could be friends

But as soon as your people came around

You would curb me, like you never saw me in your life

We could love but you’d never picture me your wife

It’s a shame you could use me as your token to the game of diversity

Like having one Black friend clears up eras of adversity

Or dating one Black chick makes you down with the race

A reminiscence of slave masters when I look at your face

It’s the same with your women, they just want my men with bills

And I hate it ‘cause I think about Emmett Till

Let’s keep it real, she digs my men like the 49ers Gold Rush

Can’t stop, won’t stop diggin’ ‘til she get enough

This is what you’re taught to do, white man, and woman, too

Use people, play it cool, all the profits go to you

Sick way to live your days, why the world’s in disarray

But why keep reading, you tuned out years ago

When you and your ancestors threw us on a chartered boat to Hell

That’s why we rebel, that’s why yell in the streets of the city

That’s why we run your asses out to the outskirts

You dragged us out of Africa, white man, and it still hurts

Don’t say it wasn’t you, specifically, it was

You benefit, you represent the kidnappers

Twas you that made my life a nightmare, that night my great -great-


Times great-great-great-great-great-great-great-

Grandmother was made into property.

I can’t imagine how you sleep.



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