Taboo Words

I would like to start off by stating the facts. I am not a racist, nor will I ever be (because it’s not POSSIBLE! Look it up!). I base all that I believe on the balance of good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice. I would hope that I could address racial issues without bias, being that I am a whole of neither side of the Black- White issue. However, since I favor more of one than the other, and have only faced injustice being the underdog in the proverbial horserace that is a segregated world, I tend to say things that could be considered spiteful. I try my best to use examples that support my seemingly illogical thinking, but hey, do I really have to? I mean, this IS my blog, right?

Is there still a “Black-White problem” in America? I would say to anyone who thought the answer was “no” to go and go up to a Black person and say, ” Sup, my nigga,” and see what happens. I’m not assuming that a Black person would not say that there is not an issue still; I KNOW that no Black person would say this. So, yes, go up to the next Black person you see and call them a nigga. No matter what the tone in your voice is, the situation will not turn out so great.

But why, you ask, do Black people get so offended by the “N” word? Let me let you into a little secret.

We know you say it! You say it when you’re listening to your 50 cent album, to your friends (especially if you are a male), and you probably still say it in it’s most offensive context: when talking about a person (a Black person) who seems unintellegent and lazy. The latter is the reason why you cannot say it. What do you call a white person who is unintellegent and lazy? Why, you call them “unintellegent” and “lazy”, two of the best words to describe the person as. But with a Black person, it’s “nigga”, or maybe even “nigger“. You simply have not modernized the use of the term as we have tried to.

But what terms can I use to look cool? 

Well, “dude” still works. A little surfer-like, but that’s why we love you crackas. Hey, were you offended? Because if you weren’t, white people could call each other crackas like Black people call each other niggas. It seems to flow the same way in song lyrics:

Roc-A-Fella y’all
[Jay] It’s the Roc!
Jigga, Jigga, that cracka Jigga
[Jay] R.O., R.O.C. crackaz, R.O.
Jigga, Jigga, that cracka Jigga
[Jay] Hov’! R.O.C. crackaz, R.O., whoo!
Jigga, Jigga, that cracka Jigga
[Jay] It’s Hov’! R.O.C. crackaz

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t work well in lyrics, but that is only because there aren’t many rappers that are white (that are good). But if one of you became a rapper named, say, Jack(a), or Smack(a), you could say, “Jacka, Jacka, that cracka Jacka.” And all would be politically correct. No takers?

Well, this is why I see no reason why white people would complain about using such a taboo word. You would certainly not appreciate me calling you a cracker, yet the term is far more acceptable historically that nigger is.  What does the term cracker mean? Well, it actually is used as a proud self-description for many white families down South, in Georgia and Florida, to describe the many generations there families have inhabited their respective land. The word “cracker” was used as a term for cattle drivers, who would crack their whips onto the cattle to keep the moving.

Hmmm… doesn’t sound to offensive to me…

But you still don’t like it, do you? My bit of enlightenment has not swayed to into accepting being called this, and you would probably label it as a statement to take offense to if I said it. But is there reason? Maybe you just like being called Mary, or Jane, or Bill, Dick, whatever your given name is. You don’t want to be labelled as white; you want to be called the name identifying the unintellegent specimen you are. I do, too.


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