If Not Religion, Simply WHAT Will Keep Us Moral?

I don’t feel that rule-making is arbitrary to those who don’t believe in God. The quest of answering the inquiry, “why should I behave a certain way” ties into the basic functions of “survival of the fittest” in a functionalist perspective. There are social norms which must be upheld in order for society to run smoothly. This includes replacing personnel; teaching new recruits; preserving order; and providing and maintaining a sense of purpose.Humans must continue to reproduce in order to survive. This is why we do not accept actions in which a person’s life is placed in jeopardy, like rape, abuse, or murder. It is simply not beneficial to our species to allow people to kill one another. We teach young ones to learn and except certain values and customs, not particularly religion. Some of the first values a child learns are those ensuring survival. As religion tries to indoctrinate people (at an early age) merely to obey the rules that seem arbitrary, we as mere humans attempt to train children into not touching the stove and not to eat stuff off of the ground. Only until the child is defiant on his or her search of truth does “arbitrary” teaching become rationalized. So is the same of rule-making in the argument between right and wrong.Why do we make up rules? We make rules to preserve order. We can’t have a whole bunch of babies running around burning themselves to death and people murdering each other, right? It would seem that the moral principles are naturally imprinted into rooted into our society. There is no need for religion to scare people into doing good, or just things. Especially when the threat of punishment is that after one dies, they will pay for all of their injustice. I find that more people react more favorably to the punishment of the judicial system, because laws has immediate punishments connected to them. What I have just realized (during the course of typing this) is that law works in the favor of survival of the fittest, not religion (or at the least, not as much as we claim). Consider what had not passed into legislation and what has over the years. Gay marriage is a big deal in America at this time. Liberals (like me) believe that its those fundamentalist Christians up to no good with their “homosexuality is an abomination” spat. But in a strictly scientific view of the situation, homosexuality goes against the natural struggle for humanity to survive. If two people of the same sex commit to each other sexually, they cannot reproduce; hence they are not physically contributing to the survival of our species. Since marriage is supposed to be the promotion of reproduction between to people (basically a contract to have contribute at least one new recruit to our army) it makes sense (through “survivalist” theory only) to not promote non-reproductive relationships!               

I think that it is very important for individuals and communities to be in support of such things like wisdom, justice, and goodness. We must keep the standards high in these areas because these things we will pass on to the next generation. Without wisdom, how will they make good decisions on how to roll with the punches as the world changes? My disdain of religion sparks from its complete ignorance of the change the world has gone through since these spiritual texts were written. Religion does not allow wisdom, only devout inanity. Our species cannot survive without advancement, and advancement is born of judiciousness. As Socrates said, justice is goodness. A just society punishes those who practice injustice, not because it wants to, but because this is for the greater good. The exception to the survivalist principle is to rid society of a piece of itself only if that piece has a dysfunction that is liable to spread and put the whole in danger or extinction. This just act legitimizes punishment that may lead to total withdraw of that piece from functioning in society (to incarcerate), or functioning period (to kill the person). To do either is a mere investment into the bettering of society, and sustaining our existence.


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